Track Premiere: BLANKA – ‘Transversal’

Room Trax co-founder BLANKA teases their upcoming EP on SK_X with the single ‘Transversal’. “Transversal” is a very close release to me; the tracks were produced during the pandemic,” explains BLANKA.

“At that time, I had just moved to Berlin from Spain, and everything was yet to discover. A while ago now, but it still feels like yesterday anytime I listen to it. All of the emotions I felt during that period I’ve conveyed in these tracks, in electronic music, especially techno. With the fast-paced beat, and frenetic groove, I wanted to express that with determination, passion and strength; you can achieve everything you set yourself to in life. I hope this message will arrive to others as well.”

BLANKA’s Transversal EP delivers four tracks built for laser-lit warehouses and pitch-black basements alike. The A-side houses two modern takes on bleepy, sci-fi techno, while “Astral Dimension” and “Transversal” go deeper into a more introverted kind of ecstasy.BLANKA’s precise sound design and experience in the DJ booth ensure all four cuts will keep the room moving.

BLANKA’s Transversal EP will be released March 10th, 2023
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