Track Premiere: FAFF & Submarine FM – Heatstroke

FAFF (Photo @maitedeorbe) & Submarine FM (Photo © Florian Salabert)

BDE Records sees FAFF & Submarine FM join forces to create a stompin’ 4-track EP titled “Final Fantasy”. This exciting collaboration highlights the strengths of both artists, promising a unique and exhilarating musical journey. Submarine FM is renowned for their mesmerizing experimental live sets and productions, which often transport the audience into a surreal auditory experience. Their expertise in creating immersive soundscapes combines seamlessly with FAFF’s playful, genre-bending musicality. This fusion results in a perfect match, blending creativity and technical skill that music lovers are sure to appreciate.

Listeners can expect an album filled with effortless euphoria, characterized by silky 2-step rhythms that entice the listener to move. The tracks are driven by throbbing bass-lines that form the backbone of the EP, providing a powerful and resonant foundation. These bass-lines are expertly paired with nostalgic vocals that add a layer of emotional depth and connectivity, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the music. Slicked drums provide a crisp and defined beat, propelling each track forward with energy and precision, while atmospheric breaks offer moments of introspection and sonic exploration.

Just in time for summer, “Heatstroke” will melt your bass face into the floor with its intensity and infectious energy. This track promises to be a summer anthem, perfect for hot days and long nights, as its beats and melodies merge to create an unforgettable experience. For those moments when you need to catch your breath, “The Dawn of Break” is there to ease you back onto your feet, guiding you gently back into the groove. This track allows you to dance into the early hours, surrounded by the warmth of its flowing beats and soothing melodies.

Adding to the exclusivity and appeal, the EP is limited to a run of just 300 12” records. These rare vinyl editions will be distributed by One Eye Witness, making them a coveted addition to any vinyl collector’s library. The physical nature of the record adds an extra layer of connection to the music, allowing fans to experience the tactile pleasure of handling and playing a well-crafted vinyl. Don’t miss out on this limited release, as it captures the essence of summer and the magic of two innovative artists coming together to create something truly special.


Final Fantasy is out May 31st via BDE Records, buy it here

Final Fantasy B Side
Artwork by 1thingfor1day