Track Premiere: Helga Arvesten – ‘The Edge’

With her unique voice and emotive approach to music earning her comparisons to the likes of Björk and Kate Bush, Swedish artist Helga Arvesten will scratch at your core and tug at your heart in one fell swoop. Her atmospheric pop is the natural reaction to facing insecurities and anxieties, as she constructs a complex and almost hypnotic series of events from start to finish. “When all we have is madness and when the dawn hold truth, to all the things unspoken there is always something pulling at you”… the first chilling verse of Helga’s newest single ‘The Edge’, produced by Joakim Alfven. A challenging yet powerful song about facing depression head-on but still knowing your limits, ‘The Edge’ will keep fans of Austra, Zola Jesus and ionnalee wanting more.

“I know that it is important to let yourself feel sad or down, yet the most difficult part is being aware of that fine line; the edge of the cliff so that you don’t let yourself fall. I hope that the listeners will find strength in the words I sing as well as hope and determination to fight the battle against anxiety.”

Helga has spent most of her childhood and teen years travelling the world, living in a variety of places (Sri Lanka, South Africa, Laos, US). During those developing years the native Swede discovered the power of expressing herself through art and music, finding inspiration in her idols (David Bowie, Frida Kahlo). Struggling with insecurities, anxiety, and rootlessness, finding a way to express herself became the foundation for staying sane when feeling troubled. Tattooed on the right side of Helga’s ribs sits a quote from one of her favourite songs “All the knives seem to lacerate your brain, I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain, you’re not alone” ~ David Bowie ~ Rock `n´Roll Suicide.

Helgas music just like her art gives an insider look into this creators life. Holding a lot of complexity and stirring up emotions for the listener/viewer, but this, of course, is purposefully done. Helga thrives on the idea that anything you make must come from an honest place since this is the only way what we make can hold the power to change someone, only in an instant or maybe permanently.

Currently, the songwriter/singer/producer lives in Stockholm, Sweden. This is where she conjures up new material and sounds.



Feature photo by Alethe Hjuberger