Track Premiere: Kris Vango – Oceanic Origins ft. MIKEY

‘Oceanic Origins’ follows on from MIKEY‘s co-produced Transformer EP, also co-written/produced by Kris Vango. The pair offer up a dense and uplifting record inspired by the imaginings of an ancient earth-like Venus. Taken from the album Venus Incantatio: A Collection of Meditations and Spells, the 2nd part of a double release over 2020 for the planet Venus due to land 12.12.2020. An album of dense and suffocating electronic visions of love, desire and consumption; reflecting both the physical dense atmospheres of the planet Venus and its metaphysical, astrological and spiritual themes of adolescent femininity and mother nature. A video for the track is planned in collaboration with Berlin-based painter/3d artist Niklas Jeroch, who is designing 3d printed masks for the effort.

Kris Vango on the single, “MIKEY is a Taurus and when I am producing these planet albums, I obsessively seek out friends who have star signs aligned to the planet I am writing for. Mikey immediately came up with Oceanic Origins and something about the lyrics and the tone immediately spoke to me. Did we originate from the oceans of Venus millions of years ago? I never know where Mikey’s lyrics come from but something about them to me are transcendent, not from this world, from past-lives or reincarnations. I have a deep faith in the realms they tap into as an artist, I am deeply grateful to share our journey and offer this track to the world.”

Credits: Photo – Tom Eyzaguirre, Makeup – Sarah Hartgens, Fabrics/Fashion – Elodie Carstensen
Credits: Photo -Francesco Cascavilla

Kris Vango’s vision is to map and document our solar system through narrative sound, a conceptual opus dedicating albums to each planetary body. Sonically, Kris Vango traverses a cross-pollination and re-appropriation of club music’s sonic textures, transforming them into shamanic rituals, meditations and neo-mythologies. The project brings metaphysics and physics together into immersive sound narratives carefully crafted to encourage a cosmic journey. Asking the question, what might other planets feel like and what are their spiritual and psychological significances? Kris is part of the growing Berlin scene of post-gender misfits, re-appropriating various forms of spiritual shamanism and astrology/mythology into their visions of a utopian spiritual and digital world. They have a background in Music Production, UX/Graphic Design, Yoga, Astrology and Tibetan Sound Bowl Frequency Healing.