Track Premiere: LIAS – My Funeral

LIAS delivers a poignant exploration of deteriorating affection and the engulfment of emotions in his latest single, “My Funeral”. The track serves as an introspective diary that resonates with the sombre yet beautiful acceptance of an ending. LIAS weaves a tale of finality with the finesse of his simultaneous piano and vocal performance, blurring the lines between classical resonance and contemporary resonance.

The single paves the way for the highly anticipated EP, “Funeral of a Choir Boy,” expected to drop later in 2024. Reenergized from his Germany-wide acoustic tour, which boasted a succession of crowded venues, LIAS retreated to the studio to give life to his next collection of sonic narratives. The atmosphere of revived live music’s communal spirit fuelled his pursuit of a richer, collective sound—thus his inaugural collaboration with a prolific studio live band emerged, with sessions unfolding within the storied walls of Clouds Hill Studios, Hamburg.

LIAS draws from the emotional depths charted by artists like Radiohead and The 1975, enriched by the ethereal threads of Phoebe Bridgers’ songwriting. Simultaneously, he nods to the wistful and introspective piano compositions of Frédéric Chopin, manifesting a canvas where somberness brushes against hope. The new instalment proposes to invite us through the looking glass into the poignant evolution of LIAS as an artist and individual.