Track Premiere: Michael Paradise – ‘Meant 2 Be’

‘Meant 2 Be’ is the latest laidback single from multi-instrumentalist Michael Paradise. “I just wanted to let go of all the tensions and self-awareness and doubts and mind games to make a song that feels good, is care free. It’s part of the idea behind the name “Michael Paradise”: I’m trying to tap into a side of me, and society at large, that is willing to put yourself out there, be vulnerable, and creatively express yourself without fearing judgement. Doing it for the process rather than the outcome. And I hope this song provokes good vibes and maybe makes you wanna move a little.

Michael Paradise is an indie-pop artist from Toronto. He spent his formative years as director of Baffin Island’s PR team, while simultaneously completing the first of his award-winning mayonnaise research projects. After an extremely successful fellowship at Heinz, Michael was forced to flee Canada due to the fabled “Ironic” court case in which Alanis Morissette accused him of stealing her ‘95 hit for Nunavut Tourism’s now infamous promotional theme song. The young publicist and condiment celebrity settled in Tanzania, where he began teaching sign language. It was during these escapades in East Africa that Michael penned the platinum-certified hit “Leopards Love Yogurt” spurring riots in capitals around the world when protesters took to the streets to decry what many considered a disturbing departure from the artist’s earlier condiment-based work. However, a quick succession of relish and BBQ sauce themed re-releases of “Ironic” landed Michael back in the spotlight, and earned him a jail stint in Ontario’s Kingston Penitentiary for copyright infringement. After 18 years in prison, Michael is making his Toronto debut under the pseudonym, Michael Paradise. He’s hoping this self-declared reference to his golden years will make up for any hurt feelings among his dedicated mayonnaise, yoghurt, and frigid tundra-loving fans.