Track Premiere: Noréll – ‘Toxic Love’

Still fresh faced despite spending quality time on the scene, Danish band Noréll are set to return with their new EP ‘IY’, via the band’s Copenhagen label, No3 Records. Today’s premiere, and opening track, ‘Toxic Love’ combines the bands love of Chicago house and hip hop, with an underlying electro-pop sound.  

Comprising engaging vocalist Marìe Louise Persson Bjarnarson alongside skilled producers Viktor Hagner and Nichlas Malling, Noréll formed in 2015 and last year focused on building a fanbase on the independent Scandinavian and UK scenes.

“This song came together pretty quickly. I had an idea and I knew I wanted it to feel honest and direct.” Explains Marìe, “So while writing I tried to shut down any filters in my brain and just let it flow. I did it in one sitting without any chords or anything, just me humming and scribbling frantically for one and half hour until both melody and lyrics were done. I presented it to the guys and everything just clicked and we were done within a few days. That fast paced process was really intuitive, and satisfying.I feel the song expresses the unfiltered emotions I felt when I wrote it. The song feels kind of pure to me.”

‘IY’ EP is out March 17th via No3