Track Premiere: Sofie Letitre – ‘Not Helping’

This October, Dutch singer-songwriter Sofie Letitre will present her second six-track EP entitled ‘Take To Heels’. Continuing to work alongside producer Thijs de Vlieger (one third of Noisia) and band colleague Ferdy van der Singel, she has without a doubt become one of the most interesting new vocalist artists to have emerged onto the scene. Taken from ‘Take To Heels’, to be released October 14th via Divisionis the electric single ‘Not Helping’ that we’re premiering for your ears to enjoy today.

The content and visuals of ‘Take To Heels’ could perhaps be identified as the optimistic twin sister to its dark and distinguished predecessor ‘Uncanny Valley’. The beautiful artwork represents a colourful and playful part of reality that we often lose sight of when we categorise and label all that is around us. ‘Take To Heels’ is about breaking away from categorisation by the means of escapism and although the surrounding elements are dreamy and chimerical, this new EP, fortunately, continues on the rugged and intense course previously set by Uncanny Valley. ‘Take To Heels’ encompasses mysterious, atmospheric feelings and menacing beats that are anchored solidly into a wayward mix of dark pop music and electronic sound. During her shows, electronic music is performed live on stage by Sofie’s band. The fusion of acoustic instruments and electronics procure an intenseand dynamic experience which is enhanced by music driven visuals. Spectators are taken into a world where visuals, sound, and the pure intensity of Sofie’s voice inter-fuse together for a stunning experience. ‘Take To Heels’ will be released together with remixes by Ivy Lab, Tsuruda, Former, ZES and Know VA, and will vary from heavy beats and electronics to Jungle Drum & Bass. Know VA will also perform as supporting act during the EP release on the 15th October in ‘De Helling’.

You can pre-order ‘Take To Heels’ here


Photos by Laura Andalou