Track Premiere: TINKERHELL – Torn Reality

We had the opportunity to chat with TINKERHELL prior to the release of her EP “Gatekeeper,” also featuring a premiere of the track “Torn Reality.” Characterized by a philosophical grasp on music that emphasizes the boundless potential of sonic frequencies to influence the human body, TINKERHELL has consistently pursued an exploration of various electronic music styles, unbound by genre confines or heavy influence from labels. Operating with a limitless and uninhibited style, the artist from Buenos Aires interlaces elements from techno, hard dance, Latin, and acid, among others, into her intense, dancefloor-centric productions. “Gatekeeper” EP showcases five new tracks brimming with forceful dancefloor vibes, scheduled for release on Friday, May 24 on SPFDJ’s Intrepid Skin label. Through this EP, TINKERHELL channels the eclectic spirit of her DJ sets into five pure expressions of hedonism, marking a new, evolved phase in her musical career.

KALTBLUT: Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your latest EP, “Gatekeeper”?

TINKERHELL: Absolutely! The inspiration for “Gatekeeper” stems from the contrast between imagination and reality, with each track embodying its own essence. It has 5 stages, first you’ve got the security of these thoughts (Gatekeeper) then it comes “Insanity Impersonator” as a mascarade for reality then you have “Ophidiant” which represents a 100% imagined fantasy world, then you realised that is a “Torn Reality” and it comes to an bonus end which is “Your Essence” when you become aware of the reality. Interestingly, the EP draws inspiration from everyday surroundings, even including my cat as a humorous symbol of protection (The Gatekeeper) 

KALTBLUT: What was the creative process like for developing the EP? 

TINKERHELL: The creative process for “Gatekeeper” was quite immersive. I found myself at home for almost two months without any gigs, providing the perfect opportunity to delve deeply into my artistry. My primary goal was to create an EP that truly reflects who I am as a producer and to push myself towards new achievements. 

KALTBLUT: What emotions or experiences were you hoping to evoke in listeners with “Gatekeeper,” and what do you want them to take away from this new release? 

TINKERHELL: With “Gatekeeper,” I aimed to evoke a range of emotions in listeners, from fun and euphoria to a sense of grounding in reality. I want listeners to feel free to express themselves on the dancefloor while still acknowledging the world around them.

KALTBLUT: In what ways does “Gatekeeper” represent a new level in your discography, and how does it showcase your growth and evolution as an artist?

TINKERHELL: Gatekeeper” represents a significant milestone in my musical journey. Over the past six years, I’ve been on a path of self-discovery as an artist, and this EP marks a deeper understanding of my artistic identity. Releasing it on Intrepid Skin, one of my favorite labels, feels like a dream come true and signifies a new level of achievement for me.

KALTBLUT: What can fans expect from the overall listening experience you have curated for them? 

TINKERHELL: Fans can expect a diverse and immersive listening experience with “Gatekeeper.” They’ll encounter mystery, euphoria, madness, sensuality, and excitement throughout the EP. Ultimately, I want listeners to feel empowered to fully embrace the moment and express themselves on the dancefloor.

Photo by @iknowkillersinthestreet

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