Track Premiere: ValaV – ‘Infinite Beats’

ValaV teases the release of their upcoming EP Dancing Memories on House of (S)PUNK with their rave-ready single ‘Infinite Beats’. ValaV, a Venezuelan producer and DJ, embarked on a journey from Ecuador to Spain in search of a promising future and to pursue their creative path. Alongside being a co-founder of the secret queer rave series Yo·Yo, ValaV has become a beloved artist within the vibrant queer scene of the city. Over the past year, their talent has gained recognition, leading to appearances at Barcelona’s prominent stages including Brunch Electronic, Razzmatazz, Hivernacle, Apolo, and Input.

After being featured on various compilations, the time has come to provide ValaV with an appropriate platform to showcase their essence. Their debut EP, Dancing Memories, captures a warm and emotive blend of hard groove and trance techno, filled with uplifting and joyous energy that resonates on the dancefloor. As ValaV creates spaces that allow our community to feel acknowledged and supported, it is only fitting to grant them the visibility they deserve as an artist.

Dancing Memories, a 3-track EP, explores a departure from ValaV’s previous productions’ more melancholic and introspective aspects, delving into a sound that aligns with the sweaty, warm, and energetic atmospheres ValaV creates as a DJ.

The EP opens with the title track, ‘Dancing Memories’, which is built upon a steady groove of rich, layered percussions. Emotive arpeggios soften and elevate the track, while the upbeat, pop-infused vocals add a sense of uplift and joy. This track bridges ValaV’s past and future sound by encompassing elements of emotional techno and catchy trance techno.

Following is ‘Bold Waves’, a track that centres its groove around a round, bouncy stabby bass reminiscent of the 00s. An ever-evolving, rhythmically chopped pad traverses the track, infusing a sense of floatiness into the steady foundation. Attention to detail in the sound design of the percussions, characterised by their organic and textured nature, creates an immersive experience and reflects ValaV’s deep love and connection to the wild forces of nature.

Closing the EP is ‘Infinite Beats’, a straightforward galloping track that exudes a classic 00s Hard House sensation. The foundation of this track revolves around a vocal sample creatively manipulated in various ways. Adorned with sliding, ghostly, and electric sound design, it evokes a haunting ambiance, akin to the enigmatic screams of spirits trapped in an overheating power outlet. Ultimately, this adds a dreamy and repetitive quality to the groove.

Feature photo by Candela Cuervo

Dancing Memories is due to be released December 7, 2023 on House of (S)PUNK. Pre-order it here