Track Premiere: Yodashe – EASTER

“‘EASTER’ marks the third single unveiled by Yodashe from her forthcoming debut album, a self-produced endeavour. Conceived amid the solitude of the initial London lockdown on Easter day, the track serves as a poignant meditation on the pandemic’s incipient phase, encapsulating the melancholy and confusion born of abrupt seclusion. The composition’s irregular structure echoes its tumultuous theme, culminating in a second half that is both fierce and disorderly, evoking a whirlwind sensation. Yodashe’s vocals transform progressively, painting a picture of humanity’s devolution into a remote, almost inhuman state. The piece ambitiously plunges into the altered state of our collective reality, leaving a profound and moving impact.

EASTER is an unapologetic stare into the abyss

Rooted in London, Yodashe distinguishes herself as an independent artist, producer, and composer. Completion of her MMus in Popular Music at Goldsmiths, University of London, came with a specialization in popular music production and experimental electronics. Under the tutelage of Grammy nominee Mikko Gordon, she developed a full-length self-produced album, featuring the distinctive sounds of the vintage EDP Wasp synthesizer as part of her thesis. Help Musicians’ ‘Record and Release’ award lent support to the final mixing and mastering phases of her album.

Yodashe’s solo electronic venture first came to life in NYC as a Redbull Music Academy alumna. Notable performances include electronic music galas (Sonar, Todays Art, Reworks) and a variety of club nights, sharing stages with the likes of John Talabot and Ata Kak. Her set, known for its experimental vibe, is an amalgamation of diverse influences ranging from classical and choral to indie-rock and avant-garde electronics. This project challenges the norms of pop through deconstruction and sound design, with past releases on Soundcloud and, since 2020, through NX Records. Her music has resonated across the airwaves, with features on Worldwide FM (UK), Amazing Radio (USA), East Village Radio (USA), Red Bull Radio (USA), and Avopolis Radio (GR).

Her pioneering audiovisual single ‘Take Time’ made waves on platforms like Glamglare,, and Bandcamp’s New and Notable and was favoured on numerous Spotify playlists. It also achieved significant radio play in Greece, with Glamglare ranking it among the top tracks of 2020, and won the distinction of closing Jonathan Haver’s recent film ‘Der Brennende Streifen’ (The Burning Trace), for which Yodashe also crafted the score. Ahead of her album, she’s introduced two more self-produced singles, ‘Salarywomxn’ and ‘Visualization.’

Yodashe’s versatility extends into voice acting and copywriting, partnering with director Katja Oortman on films like TOPIK and PALMERS DC, earning accolades at the Berlin Commercial 2019 and Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival 2021. Within London’s thriving artistic landscape, she co-directed, created, and starred in ‘Tales From The Woods,’ an immersive theatre experience presented at the Architectural Association.

Feature photo by Abi Sinclair

EASTER is out now: