Photographer Marieluisa Lenglachner captured Ernst van Hoek for a KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Costume and styling by Elena Scheicher. “A fragile man emerges from water, at first he struggles to find his way but slowly he transforms into a glamorous self. My work combines elements of fashion photography with performance art. I try to encourage a rather playful and situational understanding of photography and fashion. By working together with set designer Elena and muse Ernst in a spontaneous process we created a character from scratch: always adapting the costume to the transformation and development of the character.” says Marieluisa Lenglachner

photography: Marieluisa Lenglachner @_marieluisa_
model: Ernst van Hoek / @ernst_du_coin
costume and styling: Elena Scheicher @tristansliebe
concept: Marieluisa Lenglachner and Elena Scheicher