Truth is in the details: When dance meets architecture & fashion.

Truth is in the details is a film collaboration between h7o7Studio & vanholzers shot in the pabellón alemán Mies Van de Rohe Barcelona. The film has already been awarded “Best cinematography” & nominated “Best Director” & “Best fashion film” at Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival.


One of Mies Van Der Rohe’s legendary architectural masterpieces invites you to dive into a journey of empathy between humans, nature and human nature. It questions the perception of truth and regardless of whether the body is static or in motion, we watch but don’t see.

Starring :

Joel Cojal
Beatriz Cubero Mateo
Raphael Miro Holzer
Hugo Taylor Bragg
Chus Western
Film by Hadi Moussally
Choreographer : Raphael Miro Holzer
D.O.P. & Post-production : Olivier Pagny
Music: “Hokis” by Vladimir Kurumilian
Production : h7o7 & Raphael Miro Holzer
Dance Company : vanholzers
Location : Fundació Mies Van Der Rohe – Barcelona

Bio Director

Hadi Moussally was born in Lebanon in 1987.

By age 18, he decides to go study film direction in France where he acquires his first master’s degree in “Fiction Cinema” from Paris-Est Marne la Vallée University. Moussally then chooses to take on a complementary master’s in “Documentary and Anthropological Cinema” from Paris X Nanterre University, in the course of Jean Rouch. In that respect, Hadi Moussally acquainted himself with reality cinema. The anthropological and documentary approach accustoms him with the sense of keen observation of his subjects and alerts him to the importance of instantaneous shooting; whereas his fictional background gives him the urge of creating sensual, esthetically pleasing imagery universes.

From 2012, Hadi Moussally shifts towards the world of fashion and directs several experimental films some of which received various distinctions in festivals. In 2014 he made his first documentary on the end of his grandmother’s life and in 2016 a docu-portrait on a senior model. In 2018 he completed an experimental project on albinism “Positive” whose photos have been exhibited at UNESCO, the City Hall of Paris and the Beirut Art Fair. In 2015 he founded the production unit H7O7 whose main objective is to enable the making and promotion of films and photos with a “hybrid” vocation where is privileged the mixture of genres between experimental, documentary, fashion and fiction. His films have been awarded worldwide and have received more than 25 awards and 200 selections in international festivals. In 2020, he founded the collective “Hybrid Wave” with around 30 hybrid artists from around the world.

Bio Choreographer

Raphael Miro Holzer is an award-winning choreographer, movement director, and pedagogue based in Barcelona and Vienna. Raphael specializes in the field of performance art. He is interested in exploring how language plays into contemporary dance and continuously developing his choreographic method Blueprint.

In late 2021 he established the dance company vanholzers as a platform for his further choreographic works. In the same year, he was awarded the Premio Fundación AISGE and the dantzaZ residency award for his first choreographic creation, Desire de paragüas which is currently touring.

Bio Production Company

h7o7 is a duo based on the crossed visions of Hadi Moussally and Olivier Pagny. From directing to post-production through production, h7o7 is fascinated by the image, both in its aesthetic dimension and semantic vision. Alternative, experimental and innovative, their projects are on the frontier of experimental, documentary and fashion, seeking to extract their deep meaning while emerging from the codes of the medium. The duo multiplies artistic collaborations in a permanent quest for creative sharing and accessibility to the greatest number.

The main objective of h7o7 is to enable the making and promotion of films and photos where they privileged the mixture of genres between experimental, documentary, fashion and fiction. This is where the «hybrid» vocation starts.

Since 2014, h7o7 created 10 awarded films and photos artistic projects. And in 2021, they received more than 35 awards, 65 nominations and 250 festival selections.