TUNEKO – A Sensorial Journey into the Essence of Water through Art

(“tout n’est qu’eau” = “all is only water” in french) is an interdisciplinary art project by Marie Polo bringing together video, performance, costume & set design, interactive & immersive experiences reconnecting humans to the main element they are composed of and coming from water in all its shapes.

Created by Marie Polo, a French filmmaker/artist, TUNEKO is a celebration of water’s significance in the human experience. The project takes its name from the French phrase “tout n’est qu’eau,” which translates to “all is only water.” Through a mesmerizing fusion of various artistic mediums, TUNEKO transcends boundaries and offers a profound journey into the heart of water’s myriad forms.

With this project, Marie Polo embarks on an exploration of water’s significance, particularly during a time when our planet grapples with water scarcity and a climate crisis.
Polo’s personal connection with water fuels her commitment to this endeavour. She asserts, “Water is more than a resource; it’s a life force that binds us all. In a world facing ecological crises, TUNEKO serves as an awakening to cherish and safeguard this precious element.”

TUNEKO promises an exceptional encounter that transcends artistic boundaries and ushers viewers into the wondrous world of water. In a time of growing ecological awareness, this exploration offers an opportunity to reconnect with nature’s most fundamental element. Marie Polo’s dedication to her craft, combined with her passion for water preservation, ensures that TUNEKO will resonate on both an emotional and environmental level.

About Marie Polo

Marie Polo is a French artist, filmmaker, and therapist who has been gaining recognition for her immersive screening concept. Her first feature film, HUBRIS, explores trauma and healing, and her immersive screenings aim to reconnect people to their emotions and sensations in the moment through interactive performances. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, she managed to tour HUBRIS and offer immersive screenings to diverse audiences in unique locations around the world.

Her latest project, TUNEKO (the French phrase “tout n’est qu’eau” which means “all is only water” in English), is an interdisciplinary art project focused on water, and its first immersive screening took place in May 2023 in Berlin.

In addition to her work as an artist, Polo is a dance and holistic massage therapist who offers healing sessions of intuitive dance and mind-body-heart reconnection. She is the co-founder of an artistic laboratory in Paris called 229 LAB, which opens new ways of interacting with artworks and artists through immersive experiences and workshops. The encouragement of wildlife preservation and consciousness of the preciousness of nature are key motivators that drive Polo‘s work today. She worked as director of experience for Wild Immersion, the first virtual animal reserve endorsed by Jane Goodall.

Polo is currently working on her autobiography, “30,” which is set to be released in late 2023.

A project by @marie_polo_

Hava Hudry @havaa_aa
Ylva Falk @ylvafalk
Natisa KA @exoceexiste
Sebastian Abarbanell @sebastian.abarbanell
Danilo Andres @daniloandrestrauko
PER SE NOTA @per_se_nota
Marie Polo @marie_polo_

Elodie Carstensen @elodie.carstensen (Alluvial Collection, water-inspired)

Prinz Basil @prinzmakeup /

Paul Behnam @paulbehnam /
The Rainbow Machine @the.rainbow.machine

DOP Mario Cordero @cormario
Edit Andrea Ariel @andrea__ariel

Romain Guede @romain.guede (Paris)

Reflexology walk design by Edouard Burgeat @edouardburgeat, Studio-NoD @studio_nod

Production and capture B O K E H @listentobokeh

TUNEKO vidéo
Shot at Studio.dB @studio.db.berlin
Immersive screening in Berlin at MONOM Studios @monomstudios & Monopol @monopolberlin // in Paris at 3537 @3537org

Set design by Edouard Burgeat @edouardburgeat, Studio-NoD @studio_nod
Water texture projection by Magnificent Matter @magnificent.matter
On set styling by sALVa @__mu.sa__