Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization – In the Name of Freedom

An ongoing fundraiser exhibition till 1 MAY 2022. CHAUSSEE 36 PHOTO FOUNDATION is pleased to present its inaugural fundraiser exhibition In the Name of Freedom in collaboration with the Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization. This exhibition is a fundraiser at its core. The proceeds from sold photographs, drinks and snacks will be directed in full to the Berlin-based Be an Angel Organization, which has been supporting refugees since 2015. In the Name of Freedom responds to the war and puts forward select works from the organization’s ongoing NFT project. These women photographers have been selling NFTs to raise funds in aid of victims of the war. Their earnings have been directed towards orphanages, animal shelters, as well as their own photographer’s journeys towards a safe place.

© Olesia Saienko

In the Name of Freedom, brings together photographs showcasing diverse faces of a country caught between tradition and modernity. Young girls of bygone times, glorified grandmothers, yellow-blue dachas, Soviet buildings, Molotov cocktails and iPhones to taste: A kaleidoscope of images emerges. In all their subjectivity, these Ukrainian artists give us an intimate, documentary, tragic and surreal vision of a country in flux and now at war.

Exhibiting Artists:

Viktorya Agureeva, Anna Biletska, Marina Brodovska, Inna Bondarenko, Ya n a F r a n z, Ya n a H r y h o r e n k o, Elena Lemberska, Toma Magdyk, Olena Morozova, Kristina Mos, Yuliana Paranko, Evgenia Pervak, Maria Petrenko, Xenia Petrovska, Polina Polikarpova, Olia Koval, Maryna Kurnysh, Olesia Saienko, Olena Shved, Lada Solovyova, Synchrodogs, Olena Subach, Lesya Teslya, Irina Vlasyuk, Kris Voitkiv, Anastasia Zhuk

About the Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization:

The Ukrainian Women Photographers Organization has around 100 women photographers as its members. Artist and curator Hanna Melenykova founded the organization in 2020 with the intent to unite women photographers within Ukraine during the first COVID lockdown. What once started as a corona project now empowers women through their creative practices as their country is at war. The association also aims to help give Ukrainian Photography international visibility.

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