Under My Roof – The Queer Calendar 2023

UNDER MY ROOF 2023. The Return of Queer Calendar! Orders are available at KALTBLUT. SIZE A3 – 25,00€! All Benefits will be given to @casakua! As usual, all benefits will go to charity! Last year we couldn’t make it, but by popular demand, we brought it back! Each year we shot a calendar by and for the queer community, printed and donated all the proceeds to a queer organization, in the past, we donated to GLADT and TransSexWorks.


Shipping for each calendar is 11 Euro for Germany and the EU
Only available in Germany and the EU ORDER HERE

2020 was about appropriating the sexy calendars in the garages. In 2021 we immortalised queer personalities in a sculptural way. This year we are focusing on communities and new forms of living together. How we queers are showing strong signs of new social possibilities. This is why this year is shot in project houses like Grüni73 and KuLe, showing people that live there and inviting in other collectives or generators of community in this city. this is why this year we chose to collect money for Casa Kuà.

“Casa Kuà is organised by trans* and non-binary BIPoCs to make health more accessible to other trans, inter, non-binary and queer people, and especially for those affected by racism. The aim of the centre is to bring alternative, traditional, and conventional medical treatments together. We also want to unite communities, centring the needs and wishes of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Colour) trans* people, because, for us, communities and health are inseparable.

The health care system in Germany is designed according to white and cis-male norms, and this goes hand in hand with sexist, racist, classist, ableist and body-negative discrimination. For this reason, many inter*-, a-binary, trans* people, women, disabled and fat people fall out of the regular health system and suffer from health-impairing conditions, or have to resign themselves to poor quality health care.

We see health as holistic and not only as the treatment of symptoms because ill health can be caused by societal conditions, intersectional discrimination, and also loneliness and isolation. For this reason, we want to build a space that is both an alternative health structure and a community centre.
Casa Kuà is especially meant for the marginalised in the health system and in society, and who are disadvantaged due to discrimination, sexism, homo, trans* or inter* hostility. As we work from our own social positioning, the groups most important for us to work with are women, lesbians, queers, a-binary, inter and trans* people who are also affected by racism and illegalization. In addition, we also want to include other individuals, groups and communities in a participative way. “

Stores in Berlin to get the calendar:

Platte – Memhardstraße 8, 10178 Berlin www.instagram.com/platte.berlin
Aka –  Pflügerstraße 6, 12047 Berlin www.instagram.com/akaberlin
Studio183 – Budapester Str. 46, 10787 Berlin www.instagram.com/studio183
Keller Kreuzberg REICHENBERGER STR. 48 Berlin www.instagram.com/kellerkreuzberg



This is a project in collaboration with KALTBLUT. Magazine @kaltblut_magazine 
Shoot by Tomás Eyzaguirre www.tomeyzaguirre.com @tomeyza
Production – Graphic design by Naikee Simoneau @naikee_simoneau
Styled by Joan LING-LI www.joanling-li.com @joanlingli
 & Luan Feca @_lufeca_ 

Hair & Make-up 
Sarah Hartgens @sarahhartgens Using @fentybeauty
Felix Stößer @felixstoesser @basicsberlin using @fentybeauty @bumbleandbumble
Special thanks to Kunsthaus Kule and Grüni73

All Benefits will be given to @casakua


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