Underwater glaze by Abi Pym

Abigail Pym is a textile designer who aims to blur the lines between modern textile design and intricate photography.  Underwater glaze is a selection of imagery created for a printed textile collection. Initially inspired by underwater photography from the barrier reef and Murano Glass. The link between how glass can be shaped and coloured compliments the natural beauty from the underwater sea life.

” I wanted my collection to have a textual look, encouraging the element of wonder. Aimed to question where the imagery comes from and how it was created. Each photograph shown has intricate areas showing explosions of detail supported by techniques which blur and abstract the viewers perception.”

“My interest in photography began one afternoon a few years ago, when I was focusing on bubble formations for a textile project and experimenting with the idea of drying coloured bubble prints onto paper. But in reality they looked very 2D and dull. I have always used photography as a way to document my ideas, but never as a textile design until my bubble photographs surprised me. The collection shown is mainly made up from un-edited imagery created in natural daylight, a couple shown were edited further to create designs for fabric.”



Instagram: @abipymtextiles