Unhuman & Petra Flurr’s Top 5

Before the drop of their debut album Mala Vida on BITE Records alongside a release party at the renowned SO36, queer deathpunk duo Unhuman & Petra Flurr share their Top 5 Batcave Anthems. 

Mala Vida is a direct inspiration from their debut performance at Berghain for last year’s BITE label night. After which, they swiftly retreated to the studio to compose, still in their platform heels. Using heavy rhythmics, wavy mandates, an androgynous stare and unavoidable sexuality, Unhuman & Petra Flurr introduce us to their culled brand of queer death techno.

1. Coil – where are you

“Coil, “Where are you” from our most favorite Music to play in the dark Vol 2.
Coil, formed in London back in 1983 by ex-Psychic TV member John Balance, was initially an experimental solo project. A devoted avid occultist maintains a lifelong interest in the likes of Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare. The song “Where are you?” seduced by the Voice and poignant lyrics of John Balance brings us in a dark corner and back. Coil has become one of our all-time favorite bands, their music forever etching an indelible mark on our souls.”

2. Christian death Romeo’s Distress

“Christian Death’s ‘Romeo’s Distress,’ taken from their masterpiece album ‘Only Theatre of Pain,’ stands as a testament to the immense influence and importance of Rozz Williams and the band in the realms of post-punk and gothic. The hymn of Deathrock! Romeo’s Distress is a Protest”, is a poignant and powerful song that tackles the themes of racial injustice and the transformative power of love. This protest song serves as a rallying cry for unity, challenging societal norms while reminding us of the profound impact love can have in dismantling oppression.
This album is a long play, and it must be allowed to tell its story. “Only Theatre of Pain” sets a milestone for the genre, as Williams and Christian Death continues to resonate and inspire countless artists to this day.”

3. Diamanda Galas (Double Barrel Player)

“The music of Diamanda Galás is a call to revolution, not just because of the activist intentions behind it, but because of her untold capabilities with the human voice. Galás is known for being a fiercely confrontational avant-garde performer and is noted for her wailing, four-octave vocal range.
Her Voice is strong punctuated with wordless ululations, directly and political.”

4. DAF – Verschwende Deine Jugend = Waste Your Youth

“In 1981, Gorl and Delgado released the iconic album ‘Gold und Liebe’ that defined a new era of music. Martial jagged mutant-disco synth adorned with their leather-clad presence. DAF, the Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, earned the title of godfathers of electronic body music through their intense electro-punk persona. Pioneers of raw ‘techno-primitivism’, they established a genre that still reverberates today.
Verschwende Deine Jugend,” an EBM anthem, immediately conquers you with its dominant bassline and raw live drums and Delgado’s voice repeatedly shouts the slogan “waste your youth”.
Daf are one of our main influences, Their sound is not only unique but also possesses a raw power. Their music is synonymous with serious minimalism, characterized by its strong and concrete structure that transcends time over decades and still feels present.”

5. The Vanishing – Still lives

“The Vanishing, Still Lives by Still Lifes Are Falling is an album that truly captures the essence of our generation. Jessie Evan’s refreshed post-punk / avant garde band, which thrived from 2001 to 2005, skillfully combines deathrock with gritty synths, intense war drums and ghostly guitars, along with processed saxophone riffs that evokes demons. The album travels through a vast spectrum of dark music, it’s definitely one of our favorite.”


Artwork by Liam Noonan
Photography by Dennis Schoenberg
Styling and makeup by Thea B. Adora
Designed by Eloise Leigh

Unhuman & Petra Flurr X Bite Records :Release Party
10.08.23 in Berlin, SO36
Tickets: here