UNISON by Alessandro Esposito

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial and fashion film by photographer Alessandro Esposito and director Nicola Garzetti. Sytling by Erik Manfredi. Models are Robbie, Edgaras, Jan S. and Janek @2morrow Model Management Milano and Carlos Marti, Serg DM, Fede Lopez @ Joy Model Management Milano. Fashion by Flavia Cavalcanti. Grooming by Marco Lugli

Nicola Garzetti has worked in the music industry as photographer and videoclip director for Sugar Music, Marlene Kuntz and Placebo, his last work “Nothing More Than Whispers” is selected by Diane Pernet for ASVOFF6 and is one of candidates at Milano Fashion Film Festival 2014. Enrico Falbo, who made the original soundtrack, is one of the most important rising artists of South Italy.  The track featuring in the UNISON video is from his sophomore album, the third of his discography.


UNISON: “Beyond time and space, in an eternal carillon, eyes are closing, muscles are shrinking in never ending dances.  Beauty reveals itself in details, in the feathers whispering in an imperceptible wind, in the gazes towards the sky and in the ivory melt skin. Unchanging, everlasting and disenchanted at the same time, slave and ruler of the human mind. Hypnotic and surreal, liberating, moves at the edges of reality to become eternal. Like living statues bodies move at unison, slowly, beyond good and evil, in silent shapes like eternity.”


“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all we know on earth, and all we need to know.” by John Keats

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Alessandro Esposito says: “I was born in South of Italy (1979), in the city of the witches, where I got the chance to live worlds made of legends and traditions. After a degree in Science of Communication I got an other degree in a two years course of visual communication and photography at the Cfp Riccardo Bauer of Milan. Thanks to my studies I could deepen passions which improvedmy sense of esthetic and which are sources of different inspirations.
Music, cinema, manga and videogames are just a few of those “leitmotiv” that make the engine of my work work basically founded on the concept of synesthesia. I actually live and work in Milan. Though my pictures I always try to satisfy the requets and the visions of who I am asked to, without exclunding my personal vision and of the world and of the life.”


Photographer: Alessandro Esposito  www.aeseph.it

Video maker: Nicola Garzetti
Stylist: Erik Manfredi
Fashion Designer: Flavia Cavalcanti
Photographer and Videomaker assistant: Francesco Ciranna
Music: “Venturi” composed by Enrico Falbo
Grooming: Marco Lugli


Robbie @ 2morrow Model Management Milan
Edgaras  @2morrow Model Management Milano
Jan S. @2morrow Model Management Milano
Janek  @2morrow Model Management Milano
Carlos Marti  @Joy Model Management Milano
Serg DM  @Joy Model Management Milano
Fede Lopez   @Joy Model Management Milano