UNSEEN REALiTiES by Sara Spenner

#Lookbook. Photography and fashion by Sara Spenner. Model is Solruna Baadsgaard.

“UNSEEN REALiTiES” and it is inspired by elements of historic underwear of the 18./19. century and a greek mythology of the water nymph arethusa, who tries to escape Alpheus, by transforming into water. I worked with historic ruffling techniques, soaking the fabric in water to see how the ruffles look when wet and experimented with bioplastic, to be able to coat the fabric with a shiny material, that gives a wet look like latex, but biodegradable and sustainable. In addition, I only worked with ethically sourced second hand fabrics.

Photography by Sara Spenner / Instagram: @_spennnna
Model is Solruna Baadsgaard / Instagram: @sol_runa
Make up/ Styling by Sara Spenner / Instagram: @_spennnna
Fashion by Sara Spenner / Instagram: @_spennnna