UNSEEN by Ivan Boljat

There is violence in the soul of a man that suppresses his femininity, a battle that leaves scars unseen but deeply felt. “UNSEEN” is a short film directed by Ivan Boljat with the support of TresBien Agency. The film artfully tackles the taboo of the expression of male femininity.

The story follows a protagonist who goes to a dance studio for a recital but ends up confronting his femininity through an internal dialogue. As he struggles with societal expectations and his own feelings, he must ultimately decide how he wants to express himself and define his own identity.

The discrimination of femininity is as old as time, and well recognized in heterosexual men. But it gets much less exposure concerning the gay male community, where the tension lies between the celebration of diversity and the adherence to traditional masculine norms. This manifests as a prejudice towards feminine gay men.

The film aims to encourage self-discovery and acceptance and empower men to embrace their true selves beyond societal or communal expectations. “I grew up thinking I had to act tougher and more masculine. It pushed me to pretend to be someone I was not, to deny my femininity and struggle to be my authentic self. Growing up not knowing what is a facade and who is the real me. So I created this film to show the inner struggle of men and the dialogue they need to have to overcome it.” explains Ivan Boljat, film director.

Director: Ivan Boljat / website: ivanboljat.com / instagram: @ivan.boljat
Director of Photography: Boy Behnke / instagram: @boybehnke
Agency: TRES BIEN GmbH i.L / instagram: @tresbien.agency
Producer: Jordanis Kifle / instagram: @jordanis_kifle
Set Producer: Mateusz Wojcik / instagram: @mtpio
Movement Director & Main Cast: Antony Franz / instagram: @antony_franz
Inner voice is played by Maurice Jabar Werner / instagram: @amowia_
1st Assistant Camera is Nino Halm / instagram: @ninohalm
Assistant Director is Marc Cantarellas-Calvó / instagram: @marc.cantarellas
Gaffer: Philipp Schröter / instagram: @elmarinolighting
Photography: Paul Hepper / instagram: @phepper
Styling: Sophia Friedl / instagram: @sophiiafriedl
Hair: ZeeZee Hair / instagram: @zeezeedoes
Make Up: Darja Crainiucenco / instagram: @dasch.c
Screenwriter: Lena Weller / instagram: @weller.lena
Sound: Effy Ceruti / instagram: @effy_fc

Editor: David Herbst / instagram: @davidherbst.edit
Colorist: Johan Nurmilehto / instagram: @johancolorist
Music by Luke Hester / instagram: @lukedhester
Design Creative Director: Marta Beatrice Soro / Instagram: @martabeatricecesoro
Creative Direction & Voice Guillaume D. Champeau / Instagram: @guillaumegrams

Special Thanks to Ermeler Haus & Vantage Rental @vantagefilmofficial & Kody Chambers @kodychambers

Designers used: Naomi Tarazi @naomi.tarazi , Bondy @judithbondy, Mario Lukić @wifigiver, Pauline Carlotta Müller @p_carlotta_ , Melisa Minca @melisaminca