Urban Ballett by Jenkins

Jenkins is a German lifestyle photographer working in Düsseldorf and Berlin, with a main focus on portrait and fashion photography. Jenkins is fascinated by what the concepts of freedom and individuality actually mean in today’s society and try to reflect that in his non-commercial work. For the Ubran Ballett, the theme was to both take advantage of the freedom an urban/industrial setting gives a dancer to improvise and explore his individuality and sensuality, since dance is a very physical and deeply personal artform. The dancer is Giacomo Altovino of the Ballet Dortmund.

“Since I’m female to male transgender myself I think a lot about traditional gender roles, so it was important to me to show a disregard for them in these photos. To have a male on point shoes is rare enough, perhaps somewhat less so for a ballet dancer to wear beauty makeup, but neither are symbols of traditional masculinity. Yet, in these images, Giacomo does not appear overly femme – he is simply himself, without shame or pretense.”


Instagram: @jenkins__photography
Giacomo – Instagram: @jackyalt95