UTO – When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire

#TicketGiveAway! In the heart of underground Berlin, amidst the spectral shadows of Gretchen, the Parisian duo who craft sounds from the fringes of reality, UTO, unleashes their phantom overture. “When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire,” a cosmic voyage through the auditory stratosphere, emerges from the enigmatic InFiné this Friday, the 12th of April. Berlin’s night-dwellers are summoned for a serenade by these sonic alchemists on the 7th of May, with an offering—2×2 sacred passes to witness the ritualistic spectacle.

UTO manifests a musical enigma, a duo not of this earth, echoing from the void—chic, otherworldly, and rhythmically driven, yet hauntingly transparent. Their latest auditory mosaic rivals the polychromatic splendour of their inaugural offering, “Touch The Lock,” revered by Pitchfork for its kaleidoscopic synth-pop finesse. With Neysa’s vocals shapeshifting into the avant-garde echoes of Kim Gordon, and Emile orchestrating a post-electronica odyssey, they fuse nuanced indie anarchy with the beat-driven pulses from the epoch of ’90s raves.

These auditory anarchists, UTO, dwell in the twilight zone of creativity where the surreal interlaces with the tactile. Embracing the algorithmic oracles, they advance into realms where others tread with trepidation, etching their virtual effigies on the canvas of “When all you want to do is be the fire part of fire.” Neysa confides, melding identity with artifice, “This visage is not our own, yet it is the truest reflection of our beings—a conflagration of our essence.”

Straddling the epochs from ancient flame to digital dawn, their opus is not just an album but a multidimensional dialogue on existence, kindling through the myriad facets of human connection. Less an anthology of concepts and more a raw expose of their collective soul in the year 2024, UTO ruminates on the symbiotic entanglement of their music and personal saga. They confront the unspoken monolith, explicating, “To make music as partners is the query that echoes. Yet such inquiries, while valid, breach the sanctum of our union and art. It has dawned, through seasons of introspection, that our love and our artistry are not just intertwined—they are but the same.”

To get the 2×2 tickets for the Berlin gig send an email to win@kaltblut-magazine.com