Embrace yourself for a journey through photons and frequencies as Christopher Bauder, the magister of illumination, unveils his latest masterpiece, VEKTOR—a grand kinetic light symphony set to enchant the industrial halls of Kraftwerk Berlin. The exhibition flips the switch on a profound narrative, where Bauder’s most intimate memories are mapped out in a dazzling array of laser beams choreographed with an immersive, three-dimensional soundscape—completely self-composed.
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VEKTOR: An Odyssey Through Christopher Bauder’s Luminous Memories! Kraftwerk Berlin Transforms into a Mesmerizing Realm of Kinetic Light Art!

Imagine wandering through a vast universe of iridescent structures, where each photon and sound wave is a fragment of Bauder’s life story. VEKTOR is not just an installation; it’s a pulsating gallery of light that beckons you to immerse yourself in an abstract yet deeply personal dreamscape, a synesthetic tapestry intertwined with the artist’s soundtrack—his emotional crescendos encapsulated in the echoing chimes of peace and the rhythmic pulsations of Berlin’s underground techno legacy.

Marking his triumphant homecoming to one of his most cherished spaces, Christopher Bauder’s trinity of light exhibitions—commencing with SKALAR and evolving with TENSOR—reaches its zenith with VEKTOR. The triptych, which took flight in 2018, now lands back to its nest, demonstrating Bauder’s introspective exploration through an otherworldly labyrinth of thought and sensation.

Experience the exhibition as an ever-flowing continuum, a meditative space where time dissolves and consciousness expands. Let yourself glide through the constant ebb and flow of luminescence and sounds that invite you to disconnect, wander, repose, and perhaps even find a slice of your reflection among the myriad beams.

And for those hungering for even more depth, Bauder and a curated ensemble of guest musicians are set to deliver a series of VEKTOR Live Performances. Each event is a unique orchestration, where the artistry of the installation elevates to new dimensions with live, visceral interactions of light and sound, offering spectators a concert-like narrative arc at the hands of its creator.

Stand by for a fantastical fusion where the boundaries among light art, sound design, and performative vision blur into a singular, beguiling organism, oscillating between ambient tranquillity and heartbeat-synced thrills.

01.02. – 07.04.2024

TUESDAY – THURSDAY: 14:00 – 22:00
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 12:00 – 23:00
SUNDAY: 12:00 – 22:00

Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin

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Absorb, dream, and elevate your senses. The canvas of VEKTOR awaits at — where memories illuminate, and soundscapes resonate.