Vex Ventre by Dwam Ipomée

Dwam Ipomée is a French queer, jill of all trades, multitasks visual artist. After they graduated in Fine art, they worked for a year in an animation studio as a cartoonist, and then quitted to travel around, tattooing and taking pictures across the world. They work now as a tattoo artist and freelance photographer in Nantes. They sometimes do comics and illustrations too, and when they still have some precious time off, they’re gallivanting on the world’s rooftops. Their work revolves around the deconstruction of gender stereotypes, and the exploration of the oniric landscapes of our minds and visions. 

Womb. Shade. Umbilicus. Skin.


Wombs, winds, skin, milk honey, silk locks and blood visceras


Shadows, sombre, grey, the dark side of every single moon


The nest, the crack, the link, warm, ropes feeling, tightening our promises our lies a knot, teeth, within, blood, again.


Skins, bristle, a hand slide a held breath. A murmur, a moan, a groan, my language has no word to describe the women’s wombs.

Shot on digital in Berlin during the Porn Film Festival – October 2016 – Model : Vex FourChambers