Video Premiere: Age is a Box – ‘Shooting on the Radio’

Age is a Box, the musical art project of artist-producer Noam Helfer, offers one final treat as a round up to a wonderful year that they’ve had. With a praised debut album One by One, released via NEEDWANT, two European tours, an award-winning animation video, Helfer presents an abstract video/dance piece in collaboration with Tel Aviv’s finest, Daniel Elior and Yael Di, for the single ‘Shooting on the Radio’. 

Age is a Box on the video, Making conceptual videos takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to expand my vision towards areas which are not my “home territory”. The moment I saw “Mirror Lady” I knew that we have to do something together. When I hear an artistic calling I tend to go towards it. This song is about the balance between accepting a fucked-up reality, and taking action about it. Mirrors have a crazy relationship with time. They understand that nothing can be undone. No regrets.” 

Daniel Elior (Director) on the video, Working with Noam is always a challenge to creativity and expanding beyond comfort zones, exploring new horizons and really bringing out the best in yourself. I think this music video represents the daily struggle of attempting to stay sane in an insane reality, and the shields and fences, physical and mental that we put around ourselves in order to protect our fragile bubble of existence. “ 

Noam Helfer is one of the prevalent forces behind Tel Aviv’s bubbling underground music scene. He is known for combining acoustic instrumentation and field recordings with electronic manipulation and beats. Deep pensive ambience clashes against lively, upbeat rhythms and heartfelt vocals. The artist-producer from Tel Aviv has worked with a plethora of artists including Oren Lavie, Sasha Daniel and many more. Besides his productions, he is well known for his intriguing soundtracks for major contemporary dance companies in Israel, and for producing crazy multi-disciplinary art events. 

Feature photo by Katerina Savina