Video Premiere: ANIIML – ‘Handle Me’

Ready to find your kindred spirit? Then ‘Handle Me‘, the newest release from avant-pop artist ANIIML, might just be the answer. Featuring 16 pitches by authentic, single and very real people, the video addresses, rather honestly, a certain topic that so many people face in this age of technology and isolation. In this delightfully ambitious and interactive video directed and produced by ANIIML and Misty Fair, you’re invited to get in touch with the volunteers who appear in it by using their very own hashtag. ‘Handle Me’ took shape after ANIIML decided to share her adventures, not to mention difficulties, within the dating scene. “I started to notice that most of my friends are incredibly gorgeous, talented, successful, kind, loving…I mean…they’re AMAZING,” she explains. “And they are all….single. Why has it become so hard for us to find someone who can handle us? The fantastic, the wonderful, and the difficult parts of us?” Catch ANIIML at her single release party at Pour Vous in Los Angeles on September 15th, presented by dating app KINDRA. For tickets click here.

Misty explains, “This video was an answer to a question me and Lila [aka ANIIML] have been sitting with for awhile… how to bring fun, excitement and most of all enjoyment back to our dating lives. The typical ways of online date sourcing and the random chance we’d bump into our soulmates at the bar, had left us slightly turned off if not entirely jaded. But Laying down our frustrations… we did what we do best… we created ART.”

Whether her music has slipped into your consciousness behind hit TV shows including Fox’s Lucifer, The Royals, Wentworth, VICE, BULL, So You Think You Can Dance, Mustangs FC, or from her visually stunning live multi-media concerts, ANIIML’s message is strong, her voice is quirkily recognizable, and her passion is contagious. This Canadian born, LA based singer, songwriter, producer, filmmaker and activist isn’t afraid to walk the edge in sound and in sight. ANIIML has warmed the stage for acts such as MOBY, Emily Wells, Raury, Dreamcar, and Waka Flocka Flame, among others. ANIIML radiates goose-bumps of ‘whoa!!!,’ entrancing listening audiences with liberating primal “witch-pop” and fierce gothic-r&b infused cinematic arrangements; weaving looming electronic soundscapes with thunderously booming layered drums. An intoxicating symphonic message straight to the open hearted, moving audiences to tears with a distinctive juxtaposition of guttural and whimsical vocals; battle cries of a big hearted lover-of-all-life.

ANIIML’s new album OH AWE will be out on September 27th.