Video Premiere: Asbjørn – ‘Young Dumb Crazy’

Asbjørn shares the first single and video off his forthcoming album, BOYOLOGY. The single “Young Dumb Crazy” is a reflective track written from the perspective of his ex-boyfriend. “I put all the sentences into the song, that I wish he would have said or desperately wanted to believe that he felt. At the same time, I was fucking up majorly myself. I had gotten a new close friend in the midst of my heartache, and when he fell in love with me, I wanted to move on so bad – and so I did. Or tried to. Of course, I wasn’t ready yet and I ended up inflicting the same hurt on him that I had just experienced myself. As I  wrote the song, I realised the double-perspective, the irony, and my own hypocrisy,” says the Danish singer.

“Young Dumb Crazy” marks the beginning of the pop-mavericks interconnected video trilogy. The video, created in collaboration with the Danish documentary filmmaker, Kathrine Skibsted, feels like an unusually private glimpse into the process of dealing with sorrow. “You have a choice to either face your own vulnerability or oppress it”, Asbjørn reflects. “And I think most men choose the latter because of invisible expectations, in society and pop culture, of what a man should or should not be. This video series is my way of confronting that within myself and hope it adds nuances to the conversation about these expectations.”

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Photos by Johanna Hvidtved