Video Premiere: Astrid Gnosis feat. Vovasuka – ‘Gore Lust’

Astrid Gnosis is a conceptual artist working mainly with sound, video, performance and installation. Gore Lust is a new project developed by Astrid and Russian artist/friend, Petr Davydtchenko, during their time working on the Dying Breed series. Shot in several locations including Ibiza, the clip for Gore Lust reflects on life imitating video games. “The video comments on the lack of seriousness and hyper-normalisation. On frustration as an identity and maybe even going a step further and proposing that to navigate this social paranoia we require new unexplored languages such as DMT.”

Astrid explains Gore Lust
Gore Lust is similar to the term ‘infotainment’ which describes the addiction to information for information sake without really focusing on the content, and its transcendence, but merely consuming and craving news or alternative news. It is obsessive, GORE LUST IS COVFEFE. Did you know someone has bought the web domain and is selling merchandise of Trumps idiotic tweet? What are we, what am I, paying attention to? But most importantly, wow.

The video reflects on life imitating video games. A game without an apparent aim or mission, more than the characters being in a constant confrontation. Persecuting. Persecuted. As if life was really a video game where no one is responsible for anything other than self satisfaction, the lyrics are a piss take, they have an underlying command or instructions to masturbate. I’m so sexy when I pump my muscle, and shoot my gun. I’m gonna sit back and watch it collapse, and indeed we watch it all collapse.”

Photo by Inri3721