Video Premiere: AYEN GL – BITCH BITE

AYEN GL unveils her new track “Bitch Bite,” a striking piece from her recent 6-track EP ‘BIOME,’ paired with a visually arresting music video crafted by the imaginative directorial team of Ouroboros. The Berlin-based musician is navigating the complexities of self-discovery, transitioning from retreating into herself to facing her deepest anxieties and ultimately turning vulnerability into an empowering manifesto. x @studio.ouroboros

Bitch take ‘em Suburban hunter

No prosperity in the peripheral I am blind
Palisades on the resurrection I am blind

Spit into my face These creatures on the liar

Spit into my face
You’re teasing like like a bitch Them creatures wanna bite Neurotic, can’t explain why you Spit into my face

“Bitch Bite” delves into the confrontation with personal fears and inner turmoil, artfully integrating these motifs with cutting-edge club rhythms, plaintive vocal expressions, and a tapestry of bold, experimental sounds. The track features a potent mix of disintegrating dance-floor illusions and a haunting baritone voice that shifts through a metallic soundscape, guiding the listener into uncharted auditory realms. Collaborating with producer Neve, AYEN GL paints a canvas of robust, pulsating beats and glitchy synth lines, narrating a journey of transformation bathed in the glow of a dark, ’90s Euro-pop influence.

Raised amid the conservative surroundings of southern Germany, AYEN GL is accustomed to braving the challenges of non-conformity as a queer individual. Lyrics like “Spit into my face, these creatures on the liar…” serve as a defiant warning to potential aggressors, signalling a rallying call to allies against any threat of violence.

Ouroboros, the directorial duo comprising Jeremy Carne and Nikolas Kasinos, encapsulates the video’s theme: a symbolic rebirth and the rise of a powerful, dominating presence.

Throughout ‘BIOME,’ AYEN GL manifests an intriguing duality, from bold confidence to surreal, submissive daydreams. The EP’s journey is set in the concept of a biome—a dystopian microcosm tethering between nightmarish fears and realms of extreme pleasure.

Complementing the sonic exploration in ‘BIOME,’ AYEN GL blends a narrative of self-assertion intertwined with the duality of victim and victor, achieving a nuanced character portrayal—a stark evolution from the reflective tone of her previous EP ‘Limited Vision,’ released on Plush Ember.

AYEN GL’s collaborative spirit shone earlier in the year, partnering with Wylid Node on the track ‘Greyhound’ and working with creative minds such as Philipp Rumsch and a notable ensemble of talents. Her previous engrossments in jazz and composing for ensembles continue to inform the distinctive and eclectic sound that has become a hallmark of her performances in avant-garde settings.

‘BIOME’ is out March 20th, adding to the portfolio of her record label, Plush Ember.
Directed by @studio.ouroboros
DoP @ynnckmllr
Styling @esteban_pomar
Production design @zeyblade_
Beauty @eleonore_ising

Music production @neveln
Additional lyrics @keboo_o

label @plushember