Video Premiere: Christian Cohle – Another Life

Singer, songwriter and producer Christian Cohle from Dublin is releasing his new single “Another Life” together with a video today. The new single arrives with the announcement of his new sophomore album “Wetlands”, which will be out in spring 2023.

“Another Life” is a track about love and time. The accompanying video, directed by Tristan Heanue, is like a noir short film expressing the different chapters of a couple’s life together, but in a slightly surreal way, juxtaposing dreamlike visions and moments experienced in real life.

In the dream-washed moments between waking up and night, one could think Christian Cohle is entering the post-Blackstar legacy of David Bowie – an experimental keyboard with spherical layers playing out in front of the third eye. Through the shimmering vocoder and autotune effect, one catches a glimpse of the French electro years of Daft Punk reigning at the time – Cohle is a fine spirit combining the influence of Francophile elegance of the noughties with brittle British sex and charm. Intellectually, the Irishman’s combination of artful visuals and Laurie Anderson-Esque vocal study offers a very left-field new single worth digging into. “Another Life” sounds like Irish poetry from the future.

Christian Cohle is an artist with an undeniably accomplished sound that is haunting and otherworldly.

Christian says about the new song: “While making the track itself I had this idea of creating an acapella but pitching, bending and making my voice sound so gnarly and disconnected until it became something else… It allowed me to connect with the song in a really profound way, by getting out of my own way with it.”

“Another Life” follows previously released singles “Wasted” and “Spinning Heart” and is part of his upcoming sophomore album “Wetlands”, which tells the story of his breakup. While the ghosts of his lost love live on, we get a glimpse into his personal life, which he subtly reveals on the album. His heartbreak and confusion are expressed track by track. The album showcases Cohle’s ability to create the catharsis found in these difficult moments of life, as well as his skill of creating drama and movement in each musical passage. His works have an almost three-dimensional aspect. Even his songs about melancholy and defeat can have victorious and joyful moments in them.

Christian Cohle has been titled “Ireland’s best-kept secret” by The Line of Best Fit, and his debut album “Holy Trouble” (2021) has garnered much praise from international tastemakers who have celebrated his cinematic sound. This is no coincidence, as Christian has a great passion for cinema: “I consume a lot of films and get inspired by everything. Films that are very honest and emotional, that are cinematically beautiful, that are in flux and that create their own worlds are the ones that appeal to me the most. I think maybe that’s where some of the cinematic nature of my music comes from,” he says. “When I write music, I often think of it as an immersive and cathartic experience, like a movie.”

His lyrics, which are often very personal, are sometimes hidden in dreamlike and poetic imagery. This gives them an attractive ambiguity that one can identify with on a deep, visceral level. His musical inspirations are varied: “Bon Iver’s second self-titled album, Apparat’s LP5, Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.d City, Moderat’s II album… Those are all albums that influenced me deeply. I’ve spent 100 hours listening to them over and over again, so they’ve definitely found their way into my music,” Christian says.