Video Premiere: davOmakesbeats – ‘Kitty Klap’ (ft. TT the Artist & Sir JoQ)

The latest video to come from Molly House Records is davOmakesbeats’ ‘Kitty Klap’ featuring artists TT the Artist and revered vogue master Sir JoQ. Queer director Jeremiah Cannon celebrates Oakland vogue dancers at their finest and is a powerful testament to the queer community and highlights the authenticity, pride and beauty of the scene in the Bay Area. ‘Kitty Klap’ can currently be found on Molly House Volume 1 EP.

Initially the colors were to highlight the individuality of each dancer and show a connection to Sir JoQ. But when we figured out a way to include TT the Artist, I just decided that I wanted to do something with the spectrum of the rainbow, and to simply just have fun with it. As a queer artist myself, I feel that its important to continuously expand the vantage point of those looking at queer communities. These videos gave me the opportunity to capture the authenticity of our community, and play with ranges of emotions that all people experience.

– Director Jeremiah Cannon

Molly House Records is the latest expansion of Bay Area nightlife curators Kelly Lovemonster and David Richardson. After four plus years of cultivating queer culture thru their events Swagger Like Us, they are ready to bring their club experience directly to your earbuds. Swagger Like Us has become an institution for Bay Area residents. The vibe of the parties themselves feel like family, high energy and refreshing- however the aesthetic is fashion forward, sleek and cool, and on the pulse with underground queer club circles, reflected in their guest talent, resident DJs, and hosts.

Molly House Volume 1 features the production work of davOmakesbeats, the resident DJ/ co-owner of Swagger Like Us, and member of the late electro-hop duo Double Duchess. The EP is chocked full of club samples and vintage analog keyboard sounds, while including a wide range of emotional expression. The compilation features artists Saturn Rising, AH-MER-AH-SU, and Bbymutha, who are all slated to release music with Molly House Records in 2017. Baltimore favorites TT the Artist and DDM are also included, as well as Futurehood’s shining stars Mister Wallace and Kaycee Ortiz.

Kitty Klap is out now on Molly House Volume 1 EP