Video Premiere: Dornika – Fatbulous

Let´s celebrate the release of Dornika´s debut single and video: Fatbulous! To celebrate the release of Fatbulous, they are throwing a Fat Pride party on Wednesday 2nd of November at Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke. There will be a panel talk with inspiring fat artists, a Fat pageant, a live performance by Dornika, DJ set by Stella Zekri, fat tattoos, a market and more!

“Fatbulous is about turning fatphobia on its head and celebrating fat and non-conforming bodies THRIVING and LIVING! I don’t want the word fat to be seen as something bad and censored. Instead of being offended if someone calls me fat I want to be like not only am I fat, I’m FATbulous baby!”

In modern society, fatness is considered negative and even offensive. Fatphobia runs very deep and fat bodies are discriminated against in public spaces, in their work, in dating, in fashion and through seeking medical help. It is not only about people that are visibly fat but also the fear of fatness for so many people in every shape or form that needs to be addressed in order to shift this view that is deeply classist and racist.

“Through making this song, I wanted to propose a proactive solution by taking space and giving space to people outside the body norms to celebrate together and feel love and comfort in our bodies. At the time I wrote Fatbulous I still struggled a lot with my body image. I started dieting when I was 8 and grew up in Iran, an extremely body-policing society where criticizing female bodies is the norm. My weight always went up and down and I had spurts of extreme exercise and dieting to fit in what others considered a beautiful thin body.

But even at my thinnest I never felt skinny enough. I was still fat-shamed even when my ribs were visible and I was starving myself for days. I realized I will never be skinny enough because my body does not fit into the narrow beauty standards and it doesn’t need to. So after moving to Berlin I decided to take a different route to embrace my body, hair, fat, queer and brown. This has been a big journey for me to unlearn white binary beauty standards and its work every day, but making this song actually has helped me heal and love my body more. I’m very grateful for all the amazing people involved in making this video happen. I feel honoured to have made this project with so many inspiring beautiful fatties. Bodies are beautiful and worthy of love and respect in every shade, shape or form.”

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Choreography @so.ambrosia
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