Video Premiere: Ebow – ‘Shorty’

Ebow celebrates self-love with her Valentine’s banger ‘Shorty’ (produced by Luci) and new EP QUEER AF II. “With this EP I want to give the queer community a feeling of being in love and being loved,” explains the Berlin-based artist. “I want to give them music that is a space, to dream oneself out of isolation and to remember what it’s like to flirt – because dating doesn’t work that way right now. I hope that after the EP everyone will have the feeling of a crush.” Topped by a bouncy patchwork of DIY videos, ‘Shorty’ portrays a clear message that we all need to take note of: there’s no greater love than feeling comfortable in your own skin.


Ebow’s message remains provocative and political. Solo, but also as a member of the Gaddafi Gals, she raps against sexism, racism and homophobia, among other things, for an open, solidarity and equal society. The artist, who now lives in Berlin, is currently working on her new album.

QUEER AF II is the follow up to her EP EBOW 400, which was born out of the idea of making an EP with queer love songs for the community every summer. Because 2020 was a special year and many plans were thwarted, the Summer EP will now be released in winter. And which release date could be more natural for a Love EP than Valentine’s Day?

QUEER AF II is a diverse, short EP that deals with the topic of the love song in very different ways: ‘Shorty’ is a catchy, dissonant uptempo track with a hook that gets stuck in your ears, ‘Tunnel’ is a deep track with R’n’B influences and a casual-jazzy vibe. The EP is completed by ‘Friends’, which was released last summer and celebrates the Friendzone in a smooth way. Ebow continues to playfully combine old school, new school, Battlerap and R’n’B.

Ebow’s textual palette is just as diverse, between diary and political pamphlet. For QUEER AF II, “Love is the message”.

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