Video Premiere: FRZNTE by Kolbeinn Hugi

FRZNTE is a dance film that shows a dream-like urban exploration memory in an abandoned mall. It juxtaposes the body and architecture as it navigates through built environments, creating a derelict fantasy that might be from a post-apocalyptic future.

FRZNTE_@Rosa Merk

FRZNTE_@Rosa Merk

Kolbeinn Hugi
Kolbeinn Hugi is a visual artist, born in the Arctic Neo-Cryptocolony of Iceland. Taking diverse motifs from 1970s techno-futurism, pseudoarcheology, and new-age conspiracy theories, his work aims to evoke an alternate model of society and suggests that the world as it is now isn’t necessarily how it has to be. Kolbeinn studied with Edgar Cayce in the informal setting of dream state trances established by the great sleeping medium after his death in 1945. There, he absorbed the acute sensibility to time and space associated with Cayce’s phantom sculptures as set up in his Astral Pavillion. Kolbeinn’s work is simple and aims for the heart, not for the head. His work has been exhibited widely around the globe, from capitalist trailer parks in the MoMA PS1 to a Communist-built Lenin Museum on the Siberian Planes.

FRZNTE_@Rosa Merk

DJ FRZNTE travels the world with her MP3 collection. With her desert mix of Hip-Hop, Disco, Techno, Ghetto Tech and the most beautiful All Time Favourites she transforms art shows, film events, weddings, and night clubs into an extravaganza of wild parties. Her music is both trash and glam. Sometimes she brings her magic pole along for the ride and stirs up a mesmerizing mirage of smoke with her slowly spinning high heels for the hypnotic FRZNTE Live Show. Don’t be shy! Shake your ass! As long as you dance, she is not dead!

FRZNTE_still_@Kolbeinn Hugi


Kolbeinn Hugi
Director, Videography, Editing, Music and Sound Design
IG: @kollikvlt

Franziska Zahl / FRZNTE
Dancer and producer
IG: @frznte

Rosa Merk
Onset photography
IG: @rosamerk

Lettau l|.
IG: @lettauartfashion

Henok Tsehaye
Luisa Lehmann
Melina Gerstemann