Video Premiere: Gloria Nussbaum – INK

We are thrilled to announce the long-awaited premiere of Gloria Nussbaum’s new music video for her song, “INK”. The video, which features stunning visuals, will captivate viewers and leave them craving more. Join us in celebrating this video premiere as we showcase one of today’s most dynamic and talented musicians.

Photos by Stefan Klüter

Single cover: INK

“INK is about separation, completion, and the complex stages of letting go. The song is a continuation of the story of my first single, MAZE, which I wrote quite directly after my separation. While MAZE tells in a matter-of-fact and “numbed” way that it’s over, INK shows the entire spectrum of emotions. The hook line “Running out of ink” literally means to me that I can no longer write, that the words are running out of me, and secondly, in a broader sense, that I can no longer continue and simply lack the energy to do so. Confusion, sadness, anger, disappointment, realization, and a great longing are all emotions that come with the completion and processing of separation. The song is written with intimacy and honesty and becomes musically more significant from the second hook onwards, to reflect the intensity of emotions and the overwhelming situation.”

About the Exploration 23 project:

“At the end of 2023, on my 23rd birthday, I will release my second project after my debut EP Camel Blues: a mixtape titled Exploration 23. All the songs that I will release as singles every 4 weeks from now on will be included in this mixtape.

Exploration 23 reflects the various experiences and emotions of my 22nd year of life. The tracks, as indicated in the title, serve to explore my musical impulses and, in turn, my personal development.

The songs are produced differently, go in different musical directions and simply represent the chaos that goes on in a 22-year-old’s head. The common thread of the mixtape is me with my honest thoughts and feelings. Besides that, I completely immersed myself in each song to impulsively feel which musical direction it wants to go. Everything is included, from alternative-indie tracks to summery house songs.

INK is the second track of this mixtape, this exploration, and this research.”