Video Premiere: HEZEN – Pure Again

‘Pure Again’: A Visionary Exploration of the Metaverse – Renowned experimental electronic pop artist, HEZEN, has just unveiled her latest single, ‘Pure Again,’ enveloped in a mesmerizing self-made visualizer and accompanied by an exclusive club edit. With its release, HEZEN takes us on an auditory journey, delving into the depths of the metaverse and effortlessly merging the pulsating energy of the club scene with the intimately profound moments shared with a lover.

Through the power of cutting-edge AI technology, HEZEN’s captivating visualizer intertwines her digital avatar with real-life footage, symbolizing the emergence of a metahuman, representing altered states of consciousness, euphoria, and ethereal experiences. Witness this enchanting fusion as HEZEN pushes the boundaries of artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from the avant-garde stylings of artists such as Arca, Eartheater, FKA Twigs, and Aphex Twin, HEZEN, an award-winning French music producer and singer based in London, infuses her music with elements from classical and Caribbean traditions. Her genre-fluid sound seamlessly blends ethereal vocals with electronic beats, captivating listeners with a unique and otherworldly musical experience that oscillates between the unknown and the familiar.

Excitingly, ‘Pure Again’ serves as an enticing preview of HEZEN’s larger 2024 project, offering a glimpse into her evolving sonic universe. To celebrate this milestone, HEZEN will be performing live at the much-anticipated launch of playbody on December 2nd in Hackney Wick.