Video Premiere – High from Spells of Deconstruction

Spoken word poetry by artist Léo Lalanne! A video premiere. “High” is the second short film from a series of spoken word poetry created by Paris based writer Léo Lalanne, in collaboration with filmmaker Eduardo Diez Pozas. Léo explores the relation between words and visuals, a way of magnifying this autobiographical series called Spells of Deconstruction beyond its poetry. This piece reflects the destructive asset of drug addiction through the emotional attachment of a relationship, we are immersed in the inner race of a man trying to save himself from his own destruction.


The writer is set to release this Spring the poems that compose the series written in London, as well as a third short film in French this year. It is a personal way of approaching the art of poetry with mediums that are our own, a promising and delicate essay.


Nuit is the first film from Spells of Deconstruction – a series of visual poetry and spoken word. This piece highlights the struggle we encounter nowadays from sexuality to success in an era of social media driven individuals.

Léo Lalanne by Esther Bellepoque


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