Video Premiere: iagö – ‘Last Ashes’

Theodore Ian Iagö, known as iagö, is a versatile British musician, artist, and designer who continues to impress with his latest single, “Last Ashes,” accompanied by an enthralling official video directed by Angelo Dominic Sesto. The video features the talented dancer and choreographer Sem Osian, adding another layer of artistry to the project.

With a background in design, iagö views music as a platform to express his ideologies, seamlessly blending sonic and visual landscapes. His latest single, “Last Ashes,” delves deep into the contrast between beauty and destruction, chaos and elegance. The track, predominantly created using analog hardware and distortion boxes, emerges as a forceful and captivating offering. Over the course of four minutes, it immerses listeners with intense industrial sounds, noise, and percussive elements. Crunching techno-oriented beats fluctuate, creating melodic peaks and troughs that form a vast and expansive musical journey. The track serves as a potent reminder of iagö’s ability to craft immersive soundscapes that transport listeners to new realms.

Furthermore, the release of “Last Ashes” is complemented by a captivating video directed by Angelo Dominic Sesto, known for his work with Nike, Skepta, and LOEWE. Dancer Sem Osian, who hails from northeast Wales and has been featured in notable fashion campaigns, is the centerpiece of the video. iagö describes the video as a portrayal of the pursuit to escape one’s inner thoughts, breaking free from the dark corners of the mind filled with anger and fear. This artistic endeavor heavily incorporates analog equipment and embraces the imperfections of iagö’s machines. It is these imperfections, born out of human error, that contribute to the beauty of the music and art.

Sesto adds that the video represents Sem’s confinement within two walls and a three-metre hallway, symbolising the cyclic repetition that can trap an individual. Sem’s movements and expressions depict the inner struggles of the mind, as the character desperately seeks an escape. The physical motions become almost ritualistic, providing a moment of catharsis and purification.

Born in the tranquil village of Cley on the east coast of England, iagö has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed artists such as Pharrell Williams, Mick Jagger, Sault, and Blood Orange. Following a successful four-year journey on the DJ circuit, sharing stages with influential figures including Pete Tong, Martinez Brothers, and Jamie Jones, iagö’s recent release, “The Wall,” a fierce tempo track, garnered widespread support from artists like Innealea and Agents of Time. The track also featured on Recultures’ A Touch Of Culture compilation alongside Argy and Dharma.

iagö’s creative objective is to momentarily transport listeners to new spaces, as he admires the defining quality of art itself. As a distinctive artist on the rise, iagö is recognised as one of the most intriguing prospects in the UK electronic scene. With more music on the horizon, 2024 promises to be his most significant year yet. Stay tuned for the enchanting sonic experiences that iagö has in store.


Last Ashes is out now: