Video Premiere: Jolly Mare – Hungry Angry

KALTBLUT is excited to present the video premiere of “Hungry Angry”, a funky new 2016 release from fast rising Italian DJ Jolly Mare, that definitely got us moving this Friday morning. The psychedelic, 70s inspired visuals are a perfect fit for the track, which takes you on a galactic journey through musical history. The producer’s Soundcloud remixes made him thousands of fans back in 2015, and he has been discovered by new international audiences at festival appearances from Sonar to Bestival. Taken from his upcoming LP Mechanics, this single from the Red Bull Music Academy graduate promises great things.

Fabrizio Martina, a.k.a Jolly Mare, combines elements of disco and house music to create his distinctive sound, that found it’s feet in the dynamics of classic 70s grooves, and has arrived at a new style of electro-funk. Fresh from being signed by New York’s Bastard Jazz Recordings, the artist has been nicknamed “the new face of Italian disco” – and for good reason. Inspired by an actual Masters degree in Mechanics, and a PhD in Vibration Dynamics, Jolly Mare’s debut is rooted in an entirely unique approach to musical composition. As a student of the science of music, he sets out to capture the point where ‘rhythm becomes groove.’ This is a rhythm that takes you higher – even managing to incorporate lasers into a melody that works it’s way into a Nile Rodgers-esque hook. As the song builds, a mellow backbeat dances over a synth-heavy, riffing guitar loop you can literally sink into. This is accompanied by the video’s shifting dreamlike landscape, where an alternate galaxy spins back in time to another dimension. Unblinking eyeballs plunge us into a hypnotic trance, through a 2-D history of man, music, and science.

jolly mare

This video is all about layers – a tribute to a song that ties threads of the past together to form an entirely new and modern style. Collaborations with acts such as Thundercat, have placed Jolly Mare amongst a pioneering set of dance producers, who lay bare the raw components of song making. The artist defines the act of revealing layers of sound as the true magic of music, that ‘once hidden driving forces begin to act, the game comes to life.’  “Hungry Angry” is the first tantalising glimpse into the long awaited LP, which is sure to be a darkly futuristic and infinitely danceable offering, out on April 8th. Enjoy.


Feature photo by Lorenzo Fariello