Video Premiere: Kez YM – ‘Rhythm Circulations’

After 15 releases and years of experience, Kez YM has established his reputation as a masterful house producer, a world-class DJ, and a pillar of the Japanese deep house cannon. Over the course of multiple sold-out releases on FACES Records, 4Lux, Theplayground, City Fly, and Yore Records, Kez YM has developed a unique sound that sets his work apart. With ‘Random Control’, his first release on Berlin Bass Collective, Kez YM is back with four housey New York tracks that instantly catch your attention, raise your spirits, and remind you why you love dancing to his records. The spaced-out bouncy feels of ‘Rhythm Circulations are accompanied by glittery balls and vintage disco vibes to create one hell of a video.

Video by Isabel Rudek starring Rebecca Hammermueller.

‘Random Control’ is out now via Berlin Bass Collective. Get the vinyl here