Video Premiere: LIE NING – Dimelo

In the pulsating heart of Berlin’s vibrant music scene emerges LIE NING, an artist crafting his universe within indie, soul, and R’n’B. With a flair for blending expressive pop with a deep, resonant message, LIE NING continues to captivate his audience, this time with the spellbinding release of their latest single ‘Dimelo’. Officially available from today, 10 May, this track is not just a song but an anthem to spring, new beginnings, and vivid tales of queer affection and desire.

Berlin’s Own LIE NING Dazzles with New Single ‘Dimelo’—A Masterpiece of Spring and Queer Narratives

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Photos by @lokkas

From the instant you hit play, ‘Dimelo’ ensnares you. The melody is infectious, looping in your mind long after it’s stopped playing, and the video is nothing short of a visual delight, already set to be heralded as a summer sensation. LIE NING isn’t just performing music; they are living within his creations, making each note a confession, each beat a heartbeat.

The song narrates a profoundly personal tale of love that LIE NING encountered one golden evening in Miami. Their vivid storytelling takes us through a cinematic experience: meeting a man who seemed too ideal to be real, a moment so perfect it felt sculpted. This narrative prowess marks a new chapter in LIE NING´s artistic journey, expanding their palette to sing and tell stories that resonate.

2023 has been a breakthrough year for LIE NING. After the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘utopia’, produced by Grammy-winner Stephen Fitzmaurice, and several high-profile performances, LIE NING is not just on the radar—they are setting it alight. From intimate sold-out tours through Berlin and Hamburg to lighting up New York Times Square, their trajectory is steep and studded with stars.

‘Dimelo’ is the first of five singles LIE NING plans to unveil this year, each interwoven with themes of belonging, love, and the intricate dances of modern existence, especially under the spotlight of current societal shifts. This track’s narrative form invites listeners into the story, under that same Floridian sunset, to experience the warmth, the colors, and the undying allure of new connections.

Photo by Lukas Staedler

LIE NING, a multifaceted powerhouse—singer, songwriter, model, dancer, art director, and a proud voice for the LGBTQ+ and POC communities—continues to impress and inspire. With accolades such as an ANCHOR AWARD nomination and various prestigious collaborations under his belt, they stand as a beacon of innovation and authenticity in the music world.

As ‘Dimelo’ reverberates through the streets this spring, it’s clear this artist is not just creating hits but carving out epics, each track a testament to his expansive artistic vision. Watch the space he creates; it’s electric, bold, and unapologetically honest.