Video Premiere: Lines – ‘Weekends’

It’s impossible to escape Lines – chaotic synth hits perfectly placed over pounding bass, and melodies that rise but never seem to set. The Stockholm based four piece hurtle towards you like an incandescent ball of energy. With a knack for creating beautifully twisted songs that blend electro-pop with a cyber-punk aesthetic, Lines channel an intensity that will bring any party to it’s knees. Lead single, ‘Weekends’ is much like this organised chaos – layering samples sent via Facebook Messenger from Estonia over hooks and drumlines that had been sitting dormant on a hard drive for months, combined with musical epiphanies that occur drinking coffee in solitary, in the heat of the Stockholm summertime. With a nod to Party Monster’s grotesquely-glamorised soirées of the ’90s, visuals for ‘Weekend’ take blood, sweat and tears to a whole new level. Very much NSFW and not so vegetarian friendly.  

From writing the song to making the video, lots of things happened in the world. We felt a strong need to avoid the stereotypical party video. When the bombs fall, the raves rise. It’s like we all know we’ve lost, but we’re gonna dance to the end. The very first humans were dancing, club culture is in our DNA. We’re working around the concept “The Weekend Is Cancelled” and that’s it, the end of mankind. When explaining art of any form, you always end up potentially ruining someone’s experience. Explanations in general is the death of creativity and in times like this the world needs more, not less creative minds. That said, it’s not a Disney fairy tale with a happy ending. Fuck subtle, people die. Watch them get eaten. Enjoy it.

Comprised of Nisse, Johan, Erik and Fred, Lines take the chaos in your heart and brings it to life. From moments spent on the dance floors, and the quiet intimacy of falling in love, to all the messiness of finding somebody only to have that somebody find somebody else, the group take all the disorder and disarray and organise it in 3 minute batches.