Video Premiere: Lizette Lizette – ‘You Lied’

Lizette Lizette teases their new album Miss Gendered, due to be released via Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art, with the beautifully vengeful single and video for ‘You Lied’ directed by Carl Stenlöv. Talking about the single, Lizette says: ”’You Lied’ is the other side of the previous single ‘Scorpio’. Scorpio was the anger, You Lied is the sadness and betrayal. They are both about the same event when I realized to never trust a right-wing voter. I chose to portray this song in a queer strip club, with my dear friend Leffe Crumlove as a filthy businessman expecting to buy sex from the exotic dancer Butcher Queen, who finally gets the revenge I’ve been longing for.”

Lizette Lizette has since their debut album Queerbody in 2017 had a steadily growing fan base, in their home country Sweden but also in Germany and the USA. In February 2019, Lizette Lizette released their second album NON, praised by Swedish and British QX as well as all possible sources such as Billboard, BON Magazine, Aftonbladet Musik, Zero Magazine and Pop Justice.

Lizette Lizette shares the stage with vogue dancers, performance artists and innovative projections. They describe their cool, deep sound as “if Enya went to Berghain”. The live shows are remarkable and in 2019, Lizette made several acclaimed performances, including support to the mega-hyped synth phenomenon Kite.

Miss Gendered is out June 17th via Icons Creating Evil Art, pre-order it here:


Photos by @carlstenlov

June 5th – Stadtbad, WGT, Leipzig Germany
June 18th – Miss Gendered Releaseparty, Hus 7, Stockholm Sweden
July 30th – E-Only Festival, Leipzig Germany
August 6th – Tuck O’hej, Debaser Strand, Stockholm Sweden