Video Premiere: Miha – ‘Just Say It’

London-based artist Miha releases an official video for their latest song ‘Just Say It’, their fourth and most personal single to date. With dreamy vocals and emotional lyrics, Miha shows what his feelings are all about.

”If only you could nourish me, we could grow in time” is a cry out for love and affection. It tells a story of a boy, who loved many boys but he is still yet to find the right one. With catchy back vocals and synths that hit just the right way on your heartbroken heart. It’s a cosy song that gives you a blanket and a goodnight kiss. “This is one of my favourite songs ever and I’m beyond happy I produced it together with Sidlaw,” says Miha. “This song keeps growing on me because it is so personal. It takes me back to that time when I was feeling painfully single. Dating can be so overwhelming. But there is love out there, for everyone. Sometimes you find it in performing a skincare routine, a new plant, the right meme page, a nice kiss on a dancefloor, or a good D in the darkroom. There is magic in being open to life, expressing your emotions, and ‘Just Say It’.”

I wanted to create a cold, dark world and how I sometimes see myself in it. It could get lonely, dull, and repetitive. We could get lost chasing the wrong things, and wrong relationships. We could be walking on the verge of mental breakdowns. My path to making this video happen was extremely challenging and I wanted to give up so many times. I think with this work I have captured that chapter of my life, given it closure and I am ready for the next one.

Born in Yugoslavia, raised in Slovenia, and now based in London, performer artist and singer Miha has built a reputation as one of Slovenia’s most vocal and upfront queer artists. Born into a working-class family he was not exposed to arts and has spent his childhood in a vacuum creating his fantasy. Inspired by fragments of art he came across such as Enigma, Disney Villains, Madonna, and Alien movies he has built his signature look and style. As a queer person from a small town, he went through bullying and his traumas drove him to break taboos in the mainstream media with his provocative looks and approachable personality. He first introduced himself in the Ljubljana underground scene when he was only 15 years old and soon after he got his first performance at legendary club K4. His signature look made him recognizable and he was invited to a show on national tv and later signed the deal to be a host of his show. He was always outspoken about his sexuality, fighting injustices and discrimination.

In 2014 he moved to New York where he started leaving his footprint as a nightlife photographer and a host. He got inspired by New York’s nightlife. He did an interview with Amanda Lepore for the Slovenian gay magazine NAROBE. He was a regular guest at the Sussane Bartch parties and got extremely familiar with the New York Club Kids scene. 

The beginning of his musical career started in 2015 when he became a member of the critically acclaimed Slovenian drag group Sestre representing Slovenia on Eurovision. With the group, he performed around Europe and created a new song produced by Magnifico who is the founding father of the group and responsible for its success. The highlight of his path with Sestre was his appearance in the Serbian series Shadows over Balkan and performing in front of a 12000 crowd in Stožice arena in Ljubljana. This inspired him to pursue his music career on his own and he started making music with other musicians.

Moving to London in 2020 was a bold move and it paid off. He got connected with Sidlaw and started creating music with him. Together they produced Franc, Spooky Bitch, and Just Say It.


Photographer: Marijo Zupanov @zupanov
Stylist: Jan Brovč @janbrovc
Mua: Emperatriz @emperamakeupartist
Custom latex: Dayne Henderson @daynehenderson