Video Premiere: Mogano – ‘Naga’

Following up his debut ‘Sycomore’ EP signed in 2015 on Arboretum with a remix of Samuel Kerridge, the Italian born, Berlin based electronic music producer Mogano returns on Voidance with his new work ‘Terrarium’. By revisiting the initial approach of re-processing traditional eastern instruments such as the Egyptian Rebab into cinematic landscapes and sharp gritty textures, this work also consistently moves towards more Industrial, Techno, IDM and Drum&Bass territories.

Taken from the upcoming album is ‘Naga’, with visuals created by artist and frequent collaborator Andrea Familari/FAX. Driven by the sonic imaginary Andrea generated endless textures through the AI – Stable Diffusion applying them afterwards to an audio-reactive, decomposed 3D Structure.

Mogano’s music has been hosted at Contort (NewCodes – Berlin Atonal), Tresor, ATOM Festival (Ukraine), OHM, Saturnalia (Macao), Krake Festival, Griessmühle, Flussi Media Art Festival, Freqs Of Nature, RoBOt Festival to name few, sharing the stage with artists such as Samuel Kerridge, Pact Infernal, JK Flesh, Positive Center, Dadub, FIS amongst many others.

Since 2013 he is also curator and owner of Arboretum Records, an electronic music imprint founded with the visual artist Andrea Familari/FAX.


Terrarium is out now on Voidance: