Video Premiere: Mulay – Ghosting You

Credit: Tilo Wandelt

The Berlin-based alternative/R&B singer-songwriter, producer, and artist Mulay has released her new single, “GHOSTING YOU,” through Grönland Records, accompanied by its official music video. This track marks the first taste of her eagerly awaited debut album set to drop this autumn.

It stems from a deeply personal project originating from an intense, painful, and traumatic experience with toxic love, eventually transforming into a testament of resilience, healing, and growth.


Photo by Tilo Wandelt

Mulay comments on the project: “This project allowed me to speak my truth uncompromisingly, process my experiences, and free myself from the pain and disappointment that befell me in recent years. It created space for feeling and expressing anger, which I had denied myself for too long and provided an outlet to let everything out and ultimately release it, drawing strength and healing in the process. ‘Turning lemons into lemonade,’ or in my case, ‘tears into diamonds’.”

The debut album signifies the conclusion of a chapter and marks the beginning of a new era. Characterized by newfound self-confidence, a promise to step into one’s light without reservation, newly achieved freedom, an unshakeable spirit, and the courage to be more vulnerable than ever. It offers a deep insight into the process of personal growth in the face of challenges. “It’s time to liberate oneself from the need to be chosen and to finally choose oneself,” states Mulay.

After receiving considerable praise and recognition from renowned outlets such as VOGUE Germany, ZEITmagazine Newsletter, DIFFUS, Musikexpress, KALTBLUT Magazine, Fräulein Magazine, C-HEADS, Blonde, and L-MAG for her outstanding EPs (“ANTRACYTE” and “IVORY”), Mulay now turns a new page with “GHOSTING YOU,” offering the first glimpse into her long-awaited debut album.

With this release, Mulay not only sets the stage for her upcoming album but also provides a soundtrack for those undergoing personal transformations, making “GHOSTING YOU” a beacon of empowerment and self-discovery.