Video Premiere: Ogris Debris – ‘Lazer Gun’

Ever fantasized about floating through the air and having a dance-off in a lazer garden, before popping by some ancient ruins? In the world of video games and high-tech music video making, Ogris Debris have proven that whatever you wish is their command, with their new music video of fun and fantasy – ‘Lazer Gun’.

Famed for their loopy, contorted dance music, Austrian duo Ogris Debris’s latest offering sees a balmy single that fans old and new will relish. It also comes backed up with 2 stellar remixes from Adesse Versions and Vienna based artist Moony Me. The original mix kicks things off with swooning vocals and bright, jubilant synth tones. The Toy Tonics affiliate Adesse Versions then comes off the back of a propulsive 2016 with his take on Lazer Gun. Steel drum tones rattle above tumbling drums and delayed vocal snips. Then Moony Me closes things up with a loose-limbed and Jazz-suffused remix that recalls the work of the likes of Henry Wu and Max Graef, and thus caps off a fine addition to The Enigma Corporation‘s catalogue.