Video Premiere: OY – ‘Space Diaspora’

After wowing audiences at major festivals across many countries for the last couple of years, the original and creative duet consisting of Ghanaian-Swiss vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and producer & musician Lleluja-Ha are back with new songs from another world. OY’s new album is a space opera – highly danceable avant-garde, based on a core of vocal loops, electronica and drumming. It tells the story of mankind’s prosperous future on a planet called ’Space Diaspora’ on which humans finally developed the ability to learn from their mistakes. “Space Diaspora is the second single and the title track of our new album.” Explain Joy & Lleluja, “The song is the beginning of this space opera and tells the story of the departure & transformation of planet Earth in and onto Space Diaspora. We couldn’t have been more lucky than to have Moritz Reichartz illustrate and interpret this story for us. The clip allows further imagination and interpretation.. and so we invite people to participate and build their own story.”

Moritz Reichartz – Director/Animator
“I am a 33 year old freelance 3D artist, CG generalist and motion designer, living and working in Cologne, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal. Graduating from art academy architecture & design studies ultimately I arrived savely to the world on computer generated moving imagery, an early childhood dream of mine. The collaboration with OY Band on this project was grandiose in special, as they approached because of my recent personals non commercial projects and gave me absolute freedom and full trust along the whole project. They where involved in the development of the storyline. Technically speaking, the video is generated almost without keyframes, which are a traditionally an essential tool for computer based animation. I work with these techniques for the last two years (latest publicised result is “Hands Off [AI]” as i found they often produce unforeseeable, better than imagination results that are filled with a lot more life and provide a wide spectrum of outcome to choose from. Dynamic simulations, noise and time driven animations and textures, hair systems, formula based deformers, particle systems and many caches baked in specefic chronological orders brig this story to life. the process for the video was more the one of a laboratory rather that the one of in-betweening classical storyboards in squares. Probably not more that 40 keyframes, mostly used for the camera work where used in this project.”

‘Space Diaspora’ is out now via Crammed Discs, get it here 

24.09.16 Pier 17 SAN FRANCISCO (USA)
28.09.16 Fuzz’yon LA ROCHE SUR YON (F)
06.10.16 Moods ZÜRICH – Plattentaufe (CH)
07.10.16 Dachstock BERN – Plattentaufe (CH)
08.10.16 Palace ST.GALLEN (CH)
18.10.16 Berghain Kantine BERLIN (DE)
19.10.16 Häkken HAMBURG (DE)
21.10.16 Institut Fuer Zukunft LEIPZIG (DE)
03.11.16 Badaboum PARIS (F)
10.11.16 La Péniche CHALON SUR SAONE (F)


Photography by Sash Seurat Samson