Video Premiere: Rare Colours – ‘Treat Me’

Mysterious electronic-pop project Rare Colours share immersive new visuals for the haunting single ‘Treat Me’. Rare Colours were born to do good things. The band’s music lies somewhere in an invented musical universe between Kate Bush and Fatima Yamaha, via many strange and eccentric planets. Between pulses of liquid glitter and vibrant whirlpools of pigment, the lyrics sing of love with a simple message of kindness, “‘Treat me’ was written as a love song to all the forgotten people in the world; to celebrate individuality and send out a message of inclusiveness and compassion.”

“We want to place music, art and meaning centre stage where it should be, not focusing attention on the musician but on the experience. Our sonic and visual experiments play with one another, creating little colourful utopias. We create and mould everything with our own hands and heads because the process is one of love. It’s a love of using all your senses. As the message in Treat Me should be at the forefront, we didn’t want to detract from it. The words are referenced and reflected in colliding whirlpools of pigment.”